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Dating and relationships can be complex, and it's okey to need a little help along the way. So Syncd offers tools to help you understand yourself, love and relationships on a deeper level.


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Life is to short for ordinary relationships

One night two sisters in London’s Soho where pondering about why modern dating is so hard. They knew there had to be a better way to match couples. That’s when the first idea for So Syncd was born. They launched in 2020 and quickly gained popularity. They continued to grow and realized that there was so much more work to be done. Time for a rebranding and a new website, matching the right partners is what they do, and so Every Day came along…


A smart and soft experience come together

Meeting the ”right” partner is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s equally important to understand yourself and create a fulfilling relationship dynamic. The platform So Syncd offers tools and resources for personal growth and modern relationships. The platform had to translate a clear mission: To help people find love and connection trough knowledge. The design had to be easygoing, soft and smart at the same time. People need to relate and feel safe using this platform. We feel that it all came together, the platform keeps on growing and now has over 9million people in the community! Every Day keeps on growing with them, along with their scalable and lovable new platform.

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